Dr Shazia F.K. Mungly values an individualized , holistic, empathic and evidence based care approach to promote healing and recovery in a therapeutic environment.

She works in a collaborative manner towards treatment goals using the biopsychosocial model. Her psychotherapeutic interests include cognitive behaviour therapy and dialectical behaviour therapy.

She integrates psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy, i.e. medications and refers to psychologists based on the clients’ needs. The prescription of medications is based on scientific evidence and individual patient factors. She also works closely with other practitioners in order to provide a multidisciplinary approach to treatment.

She offers both outpatient and inpatient psychiatric consultations at Akeso Milnerton Clinic and Claro Clinic.

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"Happiness can be found in even the darkest times, if only one remembers to turn on the light." -- J.K. Rowling.
"Tout changement est difficile au début, compliqué au milieu et magnifique à la fin" -- Robin Sharma.

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Consultations are offered either face to face sessions or via telehealth.
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